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Breed Of the Month.

Each month a different breed will be featured on this page.  But we want YOU to write this article.  If you have a breed that you think is the best then send in an article over e-mail telling us all about that breed and why you think they're great, oh and add a picture if you can, the best one each month will be displayed here for everyone to see.

This months Star breed is the...


The New Forest Pony originated in the new forest in southern England.  They still run there to this day.  New Forest ponies combine the characteristics of the other native British ponies such as strength, intelligence and agility with a narrower build, tractable temperament and speed.  The New Forest pony also has blood from other native breeds in it, these were used to improve breed and the early studbooks show a curious assortment of sires.  New forest ponies should be no bigger than 14.2hh and although there's no lower limit they don't usually come smaller than 12hh.  The most prominent colors are bay, brown and gray followed by chestnuts, roans and blacks. Limited white markings are allowed on the head and legs. Blue-eyed creams, piebalds and skewbalds are not permitted.  The New Forester displays free, straight movement, plenty of bone, strong rear quarters, good depth of body and should be of riding type, with a good deal of substance. The head should be of "pony type;" the shoulders should be long and sloping; the quarters should be strong and well muscled; the body is deep; the legs are straight with strong joints and good hard hooves.  I used to own a New forest pony and he taught me so much and we went so far together that I think his breed deserves to be this months winner.

The pictures are of my old new forest pony Black Jack.